Friday, June 3, 2011

Fridge Friday, 6/3/11

Why yes, it HAS been almost 2 years! So I figured I'd start small and do a Fridge Friday. For your viewing pleasure, my fridge:

Not too bad at the moment. Milk, hummus, yogurt. Gross defrosted chicken in a bag at the bottom (there's something about raw chicken that grosses me out. I still eat it, but the raw stuff is slimy and...ew)

Cereal, frozen veggies, magnum ice cream bars (yum). The Pupperoni are very important, of course.

Some sauces. I moved recently and got rid of most of the condiments so the door is more empty than normal. And Mindi's wine from a couple weeks ago (that should probably be pitched).

Happy Friday!

Monday, December 7, 2009


My mom, sister, and I just got back from our annual Christmas shopping weekend and this year we went to Boston. Ahh...Boston. You were wonderful. In no particular order (and without any photo editing), here are a few things that we did, outside of the massive amounts of Christmas shopping and Boston Cream Pie eating:

Cemetray with Hancock and Mother Goose and other important people:

Mike's Pastries. Cannollis. mmmmm....

We took the T:

And went to the Sam Adam's Brewery:

We got caught in a major snow storm:

And then went to Faneuil Hall:

And Quincy Market:

We then went up to the Old North Church where Paul Revere was signaled for his midnight ride:

And then we went to see his house:

We also went to see the Cheers bar:

And walked through Boston Common and the ajoining gardens to see the ducks:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Work Pet Peeves

Someone asked me recently what my work pet peeves are. At the time, I was only a couple of days on the job and was totally in the honeymoon period. I'm now on week 5 and have found that I actually have a number of work pet peeves. Some include:

1) If you set a meeting with me, please don't spend the majority of the time checking e-mail and doing things other than actually talking to me about what the meeting is about. It's a complete waste of time and I'd prefer to update you via e-mail if all you want to do IS read your e-mail

2) Don't talk to me about projects that I know nothing about as if I should be fully versed in what the issues are. And when I tell you that I know nothing about what you're talking about, either tell me the backstory or drop it. Don't just keep speaking.

3) If I send you an e-mail, don't tell me that I didn't. Because if you look through your inbox, you will find it. I can reforward it, but that just makes you look dumber than you already look.

4) If you get an e-mail that was forwarded to you and has the backstory included in it, I'd suggest reading through the last few e-mails so you know what's going on. Don't tell me that I'm wrong when I start talking about information that was just as available to you as it was to me.

5) Don't just tell me I'm wrong, period. Unless you are entirely certain that I am wrong. It's insulting.

6) Don't answer the phone when we're having a meeting unless it's your boss.

7) ATTEMPT to learn processes and don't blame your ignorance on being new.

I have more, I'm sure. but this is what I have so far. I know I sound picky about all of this, but I'm currently frustrated with certain job situations. Luckily I like the actual work I do. It's just working with new personalities that drive me crazy.

Monday, November 2, 2009


With working, comes frustrations.

I just have to say AARGHHHH!!! SIGH.

More to come. Maybe when I'm not actually AT work.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend, 10.17.09

Ahh, the weekend. Now that I'm working again, it actually MEANS something to me. Saturday is a day for laying around the house and catching up on the DVR and possibly doing some errands, instead of doing that sort of stuff all week. While not everything got done (groceries? Not so much), I was able to both get some stuff accomplished and also watch some bad TV. Not everything was accomplished, however. There are some serious hairballs floating around the place. I've got to stalk those suckers and take them out this week.

Along with finally getting back to what a weekend actually feels like, I have pretty easily gotten back into the swing of things with a work week. Getting up in the morning has been fine (it helps that I always got up at 7am, even when I was off of work) and sitting at a desk all day is pretty normal. The best part is probably being able to talk to people again and feel like I'm using my brain. Things are getting more clear and I'm starting to feel more confident in my ability to do my job. It's a nice feeling.

So this weekend. Let's see. I caught up on my DVR'd shows (aka shows that Bob won't watch so I have to watch them when he's not around, eg. Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway), took a 4 hour nap (!!!!) and then walked up to the 7-11 to get a slurpee. Total lazy day. I probably SHOULD have cleaned the apartment or done something more productive, but now that I only have 2 days a week to be lazy, I had to use one of them.

Sunday was a full day. Liz (hi Liz!) and I went shopping for about 6 hours on Sunday. Target (love/hate) and TJ Maxx and other stores like that. While totally fun, I was EXHAUSTED when I got home. Hard-core shopping like that can take a lot out of you! :) I didn't get too much, considering, but did get some work clothes, which is always fun. Or fun for people that just started a new job and need to have clothes that fit that aren't jeans and t-shirt like they have been wearing for the last 8 months.

Once I got home I watched a neflix movie, "Every Little Step", which is a documentary about the creation of "A Chorus Line" and the casting of the revival in...2006? I think? While I was never a musical theater actor or dancer, I've always loved musicals and really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes aspect of the movie. Seeing what these performers went through to get the jobs was surprising (8 months from first audition to final? then another 8 months until curtain? wow) and you were able to become invested in some of characters. I enjoyed it a lot and it totally made me want to see "A Chorus Line" again.

And then the Bears played. But I'm not going to discuss that. Harrumph.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I totally do this

From the blog mimi smartypants:

... Do you hide your underthings at the doctor’s office? I noticed that when I made a pile of my clothing on the doctor’s chair, I carefully inserted bra and underpants into the middle of the pile. Which is funny, because the doctor is about to handle MY NAKED BODY, but god forbid she see my bra.

It totally made me laugh. I had to share. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I'm now gainfully employed. I have to say, it feels really good.

My first day was yesterday, and while it was all training and HR stuff, just being in the corporate setting again was good for me. During my time off, there were days that I was totally fine and happy, but the majority of the time I was depressed and my confidence just fell every day. Too much time alone and in my head, maybe? It was not good. I'm definitely the type that needs to work. I enjoy getting up and going into the office and saying hello to people and sitting at my computer to check e-mail. I feel better about myself and my confidence starts to grow again. It's just all-around better for me. So...hurrah! Back to work.

Today is Day 2 and I'm just sitting here waiting for it to be 8:15 so I can leave. Bob and I haven't really coordinated our morning schedules yet, so we stuck to the old one where I left at 7:15. I'm kind of hoping that my new hours are 8-4 so that'll stay the same, but I don't know yet what times I'll be working...I just know that today I should get in at 9. :)

Yay to Day 2!