Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taste Like Home

My Taste Like Home package arrived yesterday! Wee!! What a fun variety of things in this box.

There are an number of chocolate goodies, stuffed olives, pistachios, and some green tea mints.

Awesome. Oh, and those chocolate-covered toffee bites didn't last long at all.

The package that I sent off has arrived safely...here's a glimpse of it pre-shipping:

Once my blog-buddy updates with the info, I'll link to it. otherwise, I'll update this later with the specifics of what's in my Chicago box.

Thanks again to April and Megan for this great swap!


Gumbeaux Gal said...

Hey Amanda! I just wanted to say how much I LOVE everything in the box that you sent me. I just got back from vacation and will be posting soon. Sorry for the wait!

Thanks again for the delicious sampling of IL!

Gumbeaux Gal

Megan said...

Looks like a great box of goodies. Thanks for participating. I had alot of fun!